Simple, soulful business training for coaches, healers & practitioners who want to be successful while serving.

You’re ready to build a business that supports the life of your dreams.

You’ve found your passion and you care so much about the people you’re here to serve. You’re ready. It’s time, sweet thing, and you deserve it!

Naturally, you want a plan to get money in the door. But just any old plan won’t do!

You want a plan that feels damn good to you.

Perhaps you’ve been….

  • Struggling to get clients.  Period.
  • Working with clients but they are really inconsistent, don’t pay that much, or just aren’t the perfect fit
  • Feeling like you’re great at what you do but suck at marketing and putting yourself out there
  • OR you’re lacking the confidence & clarity to take action

 And yet you want to…

  • Attract Soul Mate Clients who happily invest to work with you
  • Confidently & clearly communicate what you’re offering
  • Stand in the value and gifts you provide so you can feel comfortable asking for the money
  • Get visible and build a business that will give you the freedom you want
  • Have consistency and security in a freedom based business

whatever you’re currently doing (or not doing) isn’t doing the trick…

It’s not producing clarity, a sense of fulfillment or confidence and it’s definitely not bringing in the clients that pay the bills AND make you happy.

well lovely, let’s change that shall we!?

Join me for the “How to get more clients you love consistently” live masterclass.

In this masterclass you’ll be learning:

  • How & what to promote to attract clients willing to invest
  • 3 ways to get people applying to work with you consistently
  • 2 actions you can take to feel more confident and clear in what you’re doing
  • The 3 big mistakes you’re making that are sabotaging you from enrolling clients

Join the hundreds of coaches and healers who have already signed up here.

Join me for the “How to get more clients you love consistently” live masterclass.

allison braun, the business joyologist, is a business & lifestyle success coachallison

that helps purpose-driven women get what they want by being who they are, and doing what they love.  With joy.

She’s helped hundreds of women from over 10 countries bust the myths that you have to be someone you aren’t and that you have to “work hard” to be successful.

When she’s not helping freedom & purpose driven healers & helpers discover and express their gifts in a thriving business they love, you can find her swimming in the nearest ocean, drinking espresso or playing with crystals.

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