Simple, soulful business training for coaches, healers & practitioners who want to be successful while serving.

allison braun, aka “the queen of ease,” is your go-to woman if you want to experience more ease & pleasure around your business & money

Allison has helped thousands of ambitious business women from over 10 countries experience more life satisfaction and business/financial prosperity as the founder of The Business Pleasure Map®, Clarity To Clients®, and Living Richly™ coaching, masterminds and retreats.

An international Business & Life Success Coach, she helps her impact-driven but tapped out clients expand into their next level of fulfilling success with more purpose, ease & joy, without pushing or sacrificing what’s most important to them.

When she’s not helping her gifted clients shift their perspective on money & freedom or create healthier boundaries and life balance, you’ll find her traveling to the nearest ocean, drinking espresso & writing, or planning a music festival with her husband.

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