Simple, soulful business training for coaches, healers & practitioners who want to be successful while serving.

Success is your destiny. Service is your gift.

A 3-month experience for women who want both

You’ve got a raging fire inside your belly and song thumping in your heart.

What are they telling you? That you, sister, were born to serve the world. And running a business is the most powerful way to do it.

The freedom. The message. The transformation.

You’re ready to not only experience it for yourself, but also to share it with your clients! It’s a perfect circle of empowerment. Except, right now that beautiful circle looks more like a single dot. And that dot is you. (We all start somewhere.)

Where IS everyone hiding? If they only knew how passionate you were to help them, surely they’d be chasing you down and beating on your door!

Let me reassure you, love…

Your Soul Mate Clients ARE out there. And they’re waiting for you.

Your ache to change lives?
Your white-hot purpose?
Your desire for more?

Bring ‘em up to the surface, because there are an ABUNDANCE of others who want what you’ve got. Your only mission is to be truly ready to receive them.

I’m going to guide you on how to do that simply + soulfully—and it’s not the way you’ve been taught.

Which is good, because so far, things aren’t exactly working out the way you were promised.

You’ve heard the saying “if you build it, they will come,” but you HAVE built it (a website, a skill set, a certification), and still, nada! Or maybe a few clients have trickled in here and there, but barely enough to keep the lights on.

Your business is starting to feel like a burden—not like the light-filled way to serve the world you intended it to be.

Lately, it’s all a struggle. There’s no flow, no fun, and frankly, no funds. Or at least, not as much as you’d hoped. You can feel the fear and doubt creeping in.

It makes you wonder:

Allison-Braun-bullet-point Is thriving really possible?
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Can I ever feel clear and confident in what I do?
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Will I actually be successful?
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Am I qualified enough? … I don’t even have that area of my life mastered yet…

The answer is a resounding YES.  YES to your success. YES to your gifts. YES to ease. YES to your dreams. And YES to your soulmate clients.

Let me share a secret—our most painful hours are right before our biggest breakthroughs! And honey, you’re inches away from one.

So where do you go from here?

Before you can book yourself out, quit your bridge job, or start traveling the world the way you really want to… you need to take the journey from clarity to clients.

Because that’s when all the pieces fall together.

that’s when you’ll finally have…

Allison-Braun-bullet-point a real business that you genuinely love – one that brings home the bacon and makes your heart leap with joy every morning (heaven!)
Allison-Braun-bullet-point a way to move people from “What do you do?” to “How can I hire you?!”
Allison-Braun-bullet-point the jaw-dropping confidence to make public appearances, create workshops, publish that revealing blog post, pitch yourself for interviews and expand your platform so everyone has access to your profound message
Allison-Braun-bullet-point the yummy flexibility to travel, make your own hours, and build passion into your schedule so your life can start feeling free + open
Allison-Braun-bullet-point a roster full of high-paying clients that you absolutely adore who adore you right back (Did I just hear you sigh in relief?)
Allison-Braun-bullet-point a community that passionately engages with you and wants every. single. thing. that you offer from now until infinity

Alignment. Attraction. Abundance.

That’s exactly what you get when you know how to go from clarity to clients.

What does it look like in action?

I like to think about it like a

business courtship

It’s part super-smart business strategy, part burning desire, with a little magic mixed in for good measure.

CLARITY TO CLIENTS was built (with love) exclusively for passionate, heart-centered helpers and healers who are ready to receive as much as they give.


Allison’s Clarity To Clients course is one of the most valuable courses I’ve ever taken. Her concepts are easy to understand and practical. Everything in this course can be put into action for your business right away. Clarity To Clients converts fear and overwhelm to excitement and action for your business and this is done in a really fun, welcoming, loving way. I felt educated and nurtured. How lovely! Allison creates a space like no other. I was thoroughly impressed by the tone and energy of the calls and material as well as the solid, wisdom and value. This is not a course that is padded with diluted material. This is wisdom clearly distilled by experience and I am so happy I made the decision to join the class.


It’s worth way more than it retails for!  Allison’s Clarity To Clients course is one of the most valuable courses I’ve ever taken. Her concepts are easy to understand and practical. Everything in this course can be put into action for your business right away. Clarity To Clients converts fear and overwhelm to excitement and action for your business and this is done in a really fun, welcoming, loving way. I felt educated and nurtured. How lovely! Allison creates a space like no other. I was thoroughly impressed by the tone and energy of the calls and material as well as the solid, wisdom and value. This is not a course that is padded with diluted material. This is wisdom clearly distilled by experience and I am so happy I made the decision to join the class.



Before I joined Clarity To Clients I really wanted to influence more people (and increase my income) through my business but I didn’t feel clear about the steps I needed to take to make it happen. After going through this process I now know exactly how to market myself and attract my ideal clients to me (with joy!).  From using the information in this phenomenal program I have now done my first official launch, increased my income by about an extra $4000/month, and grown my beautiful community.  I’d recommend Clarity To Clients to anyone who wants to make a bigger impact on our planet and learn how to monetize their gifts in a way that feels GOOD!



The 4 components of this program are designed to help you up-level your business, attract your soulmate clients, call in the money you deserve and start seeing your reality shift with real-time results and count-on-it consistency.



Before you can move forward and achieve what you really want, you’ll need to know exactly what that is. Not only that, but you’ll need to be crystal clear on how you help people and who you want to help. Before you gain clarity on all of these pieces, everything in business will feel not only hard, but impossible. This is why we’ll spend an entire module on this component to make sure you know your ideal niche and how to appeal to them in just the right way.

Hint: A big part of gaining this clarity has to do with having a safe space and the permission to be yourself which allows you to REMEMBER and come home to your purpose.

It’s time to CLAIM your calling.

After this component, you’ll walk away clear on:

Allison-Braun-bullet-point Your perfectly ideal niche!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point How to avoid the most common (and totally fixable) mistake that helpers & healers make that’s costing you more than you realize!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point What you really do for people, and how to talk about it confidently!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point The “doorway problem” you solve that will make clients eager to INVEST!



The trick to having an offer that your soulmate clients will eat right up is design (and I’m NOT talking visuals). In order to nail the proper design, you’ll need the right combination of desire (both yours and your clients’), structure (how you put it all together) and pricing. Finding that sweet spot is easier than you imagine. I’ll walk you through my very pleasurable program design process and the 12 things that you’ll need to enhance both value and results for your clients.

You’ll learn:

Allison-Braun-bullet-point How to discover & find your Soul Mate Clients!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point How to create and price an offer that will serve both YOU and your clients!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point How to design a business around your lifestyle, instead of the other way around!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point 12 things that your program needs to be valuable, desirable, and powerful!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point What to do if you’re just getting started and need more flexibility (like it you’re in a bridge job or have a family)!



What makes you and your business utterly irresistible? That would be the power of attraction. If you’ve been around the spiritual block, you’ve likely heard of the Law of Attraction (or LOA for short). Well, my approach is a little different. Imagine that LOA and Business Marketing had (steamy hot sex and then) a love child.

Attracting your soulmate clients is all about harnessing your sexual, spiritual and creative energy. That means we’ll have to clear up any blocks that may be holding you back, create delicious content and a thriving community and prepare you for HUGE (or rather the perfect size of) demand.

You know how you’re a little scared to be visible? Not anymore. Because after this module, you’ll be prepped and excited to be seen.

You’ll gain:

Allison-Braun-bullet-point A solid strategy to become more visible and successful!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point The “sexual energy” secret that will help you attract clients like crazy!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point My must-have tips for creating content that builds credibility and client interest!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point The 5 Essentials for growing an engaged, passionate community!

gold-line C2C_circle-images_enrollment

In order to move clients from “interested” to “invested,” you may have to have conversations that make you a little uncomfortable. You know, the ones where you’re asking for money. It’s normal to feel a little shy about these calls because that confidence isn’t quite there yet. But listen – your expertise and help is worth what you’re asking for…and probably more!

Here, you’ll learn exactly how to have what I call Transformational Breakthrough Sessions. These are natural and honest conversations that lead to breakthroughs and clients saying “YES” to YOU (and therefore themselves). The best part? That “yes” happens before you even name your price. Trust me, once you get out of your own way, it’s easy.

I’ll make you sure you get so comfortable and confident with the value you’re providing, you’ll forget that asking for money was something you ever dreaded or panicked over!

You’ll be able to:

Allison-Braun-bullet-point Ask for money comfortably and confidently, all blocks aside!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point “Fill your practice launch” in 7 steps!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Host transformational enrollment conversations that make clients say YES to working with you!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Guide your clients through objections, fears, and concerns with authenticity!
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Get started on client work confidently because you’ll have systems that WORK!


The proof is in the (delectable) pudding.

Here are what previous participants & clients have said about making magic with me…

sandyI hired Allison because I was looking for help gathering the structure, nuts and bolts and foundation for my business and more clarity on my vision. I was very mindful that I wanted to work with someone I felt aligned with, as I am a woman who wants to do business in the most soul-full way for me. In the last 3 months I have doubled my rates, published my first website, facebook page and blog. I have worked with 7 new high-end clients and have such a delight and ease with my business from finding the clarity I needed and getting the foundation in place… and I am having more fun than I ever thought I would!


elenaWhile working through Clarity To Clients I was able to let go of work that was stressing me out and underpaying and was able to create clear offerings using all my gifts in a way that allows me to feel fulfilled and financially nourished. I also moved across the world to my dream home.

I recommend everyone who is struggling with getting clear on how to structure their business around their life purpose – even with getting to know their purpose better at first – to enjoy the support of Clarity To Clients.


Before C2C I was kind of a lost puppy in the business world. I knew I wanted to take my business to the next level and I wanted to help EVERYONE! I’m very much an ‘in-person person, so I was concerned that an online program might be a little bit of a challenge in terms of staying accountable and engaged.

C2C helped me really narrow in on who my Soul Mate Clients are (which turned out to not be everyone and still has a huge reach and scope for connection and helping). This program connected me to so many women in the same position and I really feel like I’ve got a wonderful community of women and some seriously great friends I’ve never even met in person! The Facebook group and the group coaching calls were always full of lessons that I sometimes learned just by listening to or reading someone else’s struggle and working through it alongside them! Plus Allison really takes the time to make sure we all get the support we need (as long as we are willing to ask) during one coaching call within 10 minutes she was able to help me work through a serious block that kept me from launching my business fully. I knew that I wanted to help people have great relationships and just be happy in love but my own situation as a single gal kept me from reaching out to potential clients specifically as a relationship coach. Allison helped me see that it wasn’t specifically about relationships and more about love (self love and romantic love) and with that piece (and the ongoing support from this beautiful community) I was able to quit my soul sucking job and now I help people find love in all aspects of their lives! Allison really helped me approach my business from a new more feminine perspective, it feels so much more aligned and productive!

What is this experience exactly?

Clarity to Clients is three months’ worth of top-notch business training & coaching. It provides all of the education, support and resources you could possibly need to go from faking it to screaming “yes! yes! yes!” over your service-based business.

When you join Clarity to Clients, you’ll receive:
Allison-Braun-bullet-point 8 Recorded Training Calls (about 90 minutes each) are available for download for easy re-listening (it’ll be like me walking you through creating every one of your new offers for years to come)
 ($4000 value)
Allison-Braun-bullet-point 4 Accompanying Playbooks (one for each component) with worksheets, exercises and action steps that will help you take charge of your business and implement everything you’re learning so you can start to see results more quickly. ($500 value)
Allison-Braun-bullet-point 4 Coaching Call Recordings with yours truly.  Move through those common sticking points, personalize the teachings and get your questions answered simply by listening to former participants ask their questions and receive coaching.  You’ll blaze through issues before you even have them just by listening to these valuable calls. ($4000 value)
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Comprehensive Templates & Scripts for your business emails, copy, content, and enrolment calls so you’re never at loss for what to say or how to say it. This is like having a confidence building secret business weapon in your back pocket as you find your own way to make signing clients as easy as 1-2-3. ($1500 value)
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Access to our Private Facebook Group – this is your playground of extra resources.   You’ll also be able search questions of over and tag me to ask questions that come up for you along the way. ($1000 value)

Before I even throw in any bonuses, you’re already receiving $10,000 worth of value in this program. But the investment is nowhere near that.

Because I want you to be fully supported, you’ll not only receive lifetime access to this program, but also unforgettable trainings from these hand-selected guest mentors:


gena shingle jaffe –

Sparkly Lawyer Extraordinaire to give you the skinny on keeping your new business legal and your booty protected.


megan hale –

Enoughness Expert and retired psychotherapist to support you with healing the voices of “not enough” so you feel ready and worthy to do your work & succeed.




ashly rose wolf –

Shakti & Sensual Power Educator & Founder of to help you activate your feminine & creative power.


 jordana jaffe –

FB Group Expert to help you boost engagement on social media so you can build a cozy community of clients.



jamie jensen –

Brings almost 15 years of storytelling expertise, screenwriting savvy, and Hollywood badassery to help you create content that your audience will crave.


 heather pennell –

Founder of The Essence Oracle, a creative platform designed to provide luminaries with success tools for both life and business.


jenn scalia –

Business strategist and visibility coach who turns online business wallflowers into badass, brazen business babes who outshine the competition.


 bria alexandra –

Creator of Framework, a monthly digital magazine and daily blog devoted to stylish living. Building Framework’s brand from the ground up, Bria has a unique perspective of graphic design, visual media, and online publishing.


kimberly pollard –

Mindset coach and success mentor known as the Troll Tamer. Using tools she developed to manage her anxiety and mood disorders – which she refers to as trolls on steroids – she has made it her mission to teach one million women how to conquer fear, doubt, and overwhelm.


 parrish wilson –

Content Strategist, Writing Coach & Speaker who works with optimistic business owners ready to share their wisdom and brilliance, inspiring others to flourish.


 jaya rose –

Jaya Rose is a Speaker + Coach who helps you get seen for being YOU! With live video, savvy messaging, and sexy offers.

PLUS, you’ll also receive BONUS access to…
Allison-Braun-bullet-point My Top Secret Sexy Business Resource Guide with A-Z answers on everything you could possibly need for your business. This will save you valuable time on motivation-busting Google spirals. ($97 value)
Allison-Braun-bullet-point The Business Pleasure Map, a comprehensive program that will help you create a sexy lifestyle AND business using my special “pleasure principles”. ($297 value)
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Guest Expert Classes on Branding, Content Creation, Success Mindset and Video Creation, so you’ll be ready to bring your business to a bigger audience. ($1000 value)
Allison-Braun-bullet-point The “How To Get Great Testimonials” Guide to ensure that every client you work with provides you with the feedback you need to grow your business more and more. ($97 value)

Total Value:  Over $10,000  Your Business Investment: $997

C2C_pay-buttons_startnow{gold}  C2C_pay-buttons_full{gold}


More raving reviews about Clarity to Clients…

nadiaBefore working with Allison, I had no strategy. I knew there were things I was supposed to do but it all felt like a looming grey cloud of to-dos. I didn’t know what items on the list were actually right for my business and I wasn’t quite sure what came before what.

Working with Allison gave me clarity, ease of mind and a feel-good game plan. She has this AMAZING way of weaving in your needs & passions into a strategy business plan that is filled with development & marketing gems.

I felt like I was drowning in shoulds and musts and now I’m back on a life raft with a clear GPS.


natalieBefore Clarity To Clients I was feeling scattered and tired, teaching tons of local classes but not making enough money to support myself. I knew I had lots of interesting and useful skills to offer but I wasn’t sure how to package them in a way that attracted clients and supported my lifestyle.

After Clarity To Clients I realized that I have everything I need to be successful NOW.I re-worked my personal relationship to time and money, narrowed my focus to the parts of my business that really excite me, and now I am earning more money while working fewer hours by offering fewer yet higher-quality and higher-impact courses for my clients. My time in Clarity To Clients helped me become more efficient in prioritizing and more confident in sharing what I do with the world. For the first time in my life, I see myself as a powerful and savvy entrepreneur with the ability to help my clients while supporting myself.

I’d recommend Clarity To Clients to women who KNOW they have tons to offer the world but just don’t know where to start NOW. The business world is big and overwhelming but Allison has a wonderful ability to point you toward your next step while reminding you that the entire process can be fun and rewarding. Her intuition and practical advice were essential in taking my business to the next level!

P.S. It’s rad because after just 2 new clients in my new program, I’d already paid off the tuition to Clarity to Clients.


Before I joined Clarity To Clients I was stuck on how to structure my dreams & vision into a tangible offering.  After going through this process I got crystal clear on what I needed to share with my soul mate clients and gained the confidence being visible to do so.  I did this and had my first workshop sell out in just over 24 hours.  I’d recommend Clarity To Clients to new soulpreneurs who are seeking mentorship, business coaching, and tools to manifest their dreams into reality.   

Total Value for all of this {essential} business goodness is over $10,000…

Your business investment is just $997.

(Or three payments of $379.)

We can start attracting your soulmate clients instantly!

Will you answer the call?

C2C_pay-buttons_startnow{gold}   C2C_pay-buttons_full{gold}

What happens when you click that button? Courtship, I tell you.

Allison-Braun-bullet-point You’ll be taken to a protected invoice page to make your payment (in full or the first of your 3 payments).
Allison-Braun-bullet-point After submitting payment, you’ll receive a receipt, Welcome Email to help you get started, and access to the Membership Site to the email you provided.
Allison-Braun-bullet-point You’ll start feeling better (instant energetic benefits, anyone?) and attracting those soul mate clients instantly, since you’ll be shifting towards not just what you want to have, but who you want to be.

I can’t wait to help you book out with clients you utterly adore!

C2C_pay-buttons_sign-me-up{gold}   C2C_pay-buttons_full{gold}

Or you can keep doing what you’re doing, and getting the same (unsatisfying) results (although I doubt that’s what you’re here for).


and who am i, you might ask? good question, gorgeous.

I’m Allison Braun, business coach and sexual energy aficionado, and it’s my personal mission to help the healers and creatives of the world finally make a sustainable living from their passion and enjoy their life. I believe that you deserve to live a life of pleasure. One where you get to travel, pursue your passions, and be fully present for those you love.

I’ve built my own business around those beliefs and I’ve helped 100s of other exceptional women do the same. Now, I’m so thrilled to bring my experience, expertise, and laser sharp intuition to YOU.

When you work with me, we won’t just strategize your business, we’ll examine how you truly want to LIVE and get you closer to who you’re meant to be with ease. Because work is not about the hours you clock or the money you make – it’s about how you feel while you’re doing it.



Are you ready to feel lighter, freer, and a whole lot happier with your business? The decision is yours.

C2C_pay-buttons_sign-me-up{gold}   C2C_pay-buttons_full{gold}

I believe in this program so much that I’ll take all the risk. You have 30 days try Clarity To Clients. If you decide this isn’t working for you, just contact Emily in support and show us you actually did the work and I’ll issue you a full refund AND you’ll get to keep the bonuses

Clarity to Clients is NOT for you if you:
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Don’t actually want a business of your own.
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Are not sure yet what you want to do with your life.
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Only want a brick and mortar or product-based business.
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Are better at whining and complaining then you are at taking action.
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Have a whole list of excuses about WHY you shouldn’t do things, and you’re not willing to try anything new, even if it has worked for others.
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Are very attached to having a multi-passionate business, instead of just being a multi-passionate person. (Trust me, not ALL of your passions are meant to be businesses.)
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Have a retail business and aren’t interested in offering services.

Clarity to Clients IS for you if you’re hungry to take action and won’t let anything stop you – and you just need the proper guidance, feedback and support to make your magical business dreams happen. If this sounds like you, you are bound to have a thrilling level of success from joining!

what previous participants & clients have said…

kimberlyBefore Clarity To Clients, I knew where my expertise lay, and I knew I wanted to start a business, but I didn’t know how to turn that into work that would support and fulfill me. Previous coaching experiences had filled my head with confusing (and often conflicting) rules that I “had” to follow if I wanted to be successful. Ick.

Allison showed me how to start from where I was instead of waiting to find myself in the right place to begin.

Now I have a business doing what I love, what I do best, that meets my needs perfectly and doesn’t demand more of me than I’m willing to give it. I couldn’t be happier! She really is the Business Joyologist.

In addition to Allison’s coaching, the ladies in Clarity To Clients with me were an amazing source of support and inspiration. It was the perfect container to stretch and grow in. I have made life-long friends. Of all the ways I could have received knowledge and support as I launched my business, I think this was the best one.


britzBefore I found C2C, I was lost. Due to a recent shakeup at my previously uber-stable job, I had just decided to start my own business, and I’d never felt more alone in my life. I knew there were a million things I had to do, and I had no idea where to start.

I was stuck squarely in “overwhelm” mode, and always felt like I had so much to do, that I mostly ended up not doing any of it. I also had no idea what my knowledge + skills were worth, and chronically undercharged for my services.

Within two months of C2C, I was making about $1500+ per month more than I had been working full-time the previous year – and that was working about 22 hours per week. I realized my true potential as a group coach instead of just doing social media for other people and am launching 2 courses this fall to help solopreneurs rock their social media. There is absolutely NO WAY I would be where I am today without Allison’s help. And the best thing?

For the first time in my life, I’m confident that I can run a successful business, and help a whole bunch of people. It feels awesome! If you’re thinking of working with Allison – jump in!


At the beginning of the course I was a little concerned because this program is not a one on one coaching program which is what I was used to. However, Allison has designed the course so clear with step-by-step actions to follow so it made the course really easy to follow through. I really felt like she was holding my hand along the way and the Facebook group is amazing support.

Before Clarity To Clients I did not realize how disconnected I was to my soulmate clients. After going through Clarity To Clients I felt so at peace knowing who my soulmate client is and how to speak to her. I feel so confident now with my offering and my programs because I know what she is searching for and I know what she is willing to invest in. Its like we are both speaking the same language now. Because of Allison I have been able to design a business and life that truly support me and my clients in the most beautiful way possible.



Since signing up for this program I have become a different person and the value of this program can not be measured in $$!

Make your magical business dreams happen.

C2C_pay-buttons_sign-me-up{gold}   C2C_pay-buttons_full{gold}

We can start attracting your soulmate clients…now!

will you be there to join us?  

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve already taken tons of courses over the years, and I’m still stuck on getting my business going. How will this be different from those other courses?

I think a better question is this: “How will YOU be different?” This is an transformative, life changing program should you choose to fully show up for yourself and your business.  I believe in you and I believe in this training.  In all honesty, if you’ve taken several online courses on niching and getting clients and you’re still finding yourself stuck, I recommend you stop the courses! What’s probably better suited for you would be working privately with a coach who can give you the personal attention you need to get moving. If you’re ready to get to the core of why you’re stuck and make your business finally happen, we can do that.  Email me at

On the other hand, if you’ve done just a few trainings or certifications and are still feeling stuck, Clarity to Clients is perfect for you. The combination of training (which has some surprisingly different takes on things!), coaching and group support will be just what the business doctor ordered.


Q. This is a big investment for me, can I expect to actually get clients before it’s done?

You CAN absolutely get clients before the program is done, but that really all depends on you! If you’re willing to be present and engaged with the training, follow through and do the work, and take imperfect action, there is no reason you can’t get your very first clients OR first clients at your new rates/in your new program. Many Clarity to Clients members find that as soon as they invest and commit to what they want, they start to attract attention, interest, and money in a variety of forms.

Several previous participants have gone on to make an additional $1500++ a month beginning in their 3rd month of Clarity to Clients. That’s over an extra $18,000++ generated in a year as a result of this training. Clarity to Clients has the potential to really change how you experience your life, if you let it.


Q. I don’t have a business yet, will this help me figure out what my business is?

Absolutely! Clarity To Clients is a great way to get your business started the RIGHT way. If you want a business that’s an expression of you and your soul’s calling, then this program will guide you through exactly what you need to figure it out and start setting it up.


Q. What types of people usually take Clarity To Clients?

All kinds of healers and helpers! So far we’ve had coaches, nutritionists, designers, photographers, social media mavens, energy workers & healers, and people transitioning out of accounting, air traffic control, engineering, and all kinds of other jobs. This program works for anyone who is selling professional services on a one-on-one or group basis, or wants to start!


Q. What if I can’t make the classes live?

You’ve got immediate and unlimited access to all the training!  No need to worry about timezones or missed classes. All you have to do is create your personalized weekly schedule for when YOU want to listen to each training call and do the corresponding work in the playbooks. Convenient and simple.  Then just come on into the FB group and ask any questions that come up as you go through. 


Q. What if I’m really busy (I have a full time job/kids…)? How much time will I need to go through this program?

If you are more busy than you want to be, there is only one way to change that – by taking control of your own business and restructuring your life to your preferences. You have the power to make as much money as you need while working the hours you want. And you can make that happen by going through Clarity To Clients.

The time you’d want and need to dedicate to this program differs from person to person.

Here’s is a general breakdown of recommended weekly time to set aside:

  • 2ish hours/wk for training call or group coaching/bonus call.
  • 2-5 hours/wk for implementation
  • 30-60min to engage in private FB group

Total hours: Approx. 5-10 hours a week.


Q. Why are YOU the right business coach for me?

Good question. Simply put, because I’ve been where you are. I struggled for a long time trying to figure out what my unique gifts were, and then getting clear (and confident) on who I helped and how. As a deeply intuitive, yet strategy-minded lady, I’m able to see exactly where you’re stuck and help you move through that stuff with ease and speed. Once I got clear on who my clients were and how to attract them, everything felt so much easier. I was able to build a successful, sustainable business (and not just as a business coach, so I get what it’s like in a non business to business niche) that supports the life of my dreams. That’s exactly why I created Clarity to Clients – it’s the program that I wish existed when I first started.

Plus, I’ve generated well over a million dollars and supported countless clients in going through this process and onto making $100,000+ a year with pleasure and alignment.


To Your Success,


P.S. All it takes is ONE new client to pay for this program and you’ll be set for the return on investment for years to come. One big idea, one raise, one connection, one shift in perspective, one new piece of training is worth way more than the program itself. It’s time to join the community of women who are making their dreams come true, by stepping into their ideal lifestyle and making a difference in the world.

Join us.

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The future of your business is in your hands.

what will you choose?  

The Clarity To Clients Guarantee.

I believe in this program so much that I’ll take all the risk. You have 30 days to try Clarity To Clients. If you decide this isn’t working for you, just contact the team and show us you actually did the work, and I’ll issue you a full refund AND you’ll get to keep the bonuses!

Can’t wait to watch you get clarity AND clients!