Simple, soulful business training for coaches, healers & practitioners who want to be successful while serving.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve already taken tons of courses over the years, and I’m still stuck on getting my business going. How will this be different from those other courses?

I think a better question is this: “How will YOU be different?” This is an transformative, life changing program should you choose to fully show up for yourself and your business.  I believe in you and I believe in this training.  In all honesty, if you’ve taken several online courses on niching and getting clients and you’re still finding yourself stuck, I recommend you stop the courses! What’s probably better suited for you would be working privately with a coach who can give you the personal attention you need to get moving. If you’re ready to get to the core of why you’re stuck and make your business finally happen, we can do that.  Email me at

On the other hand, if you’ve done just a few trainings or certifications and are still feeling stuck, Clarity to Clients is perfect for you. The combination of training (which has some surprisingly different takes on things!), coaching and group support will be just what the business doctor ordered.


Q. This is a big investment for me, can I expect to actually get clients before it’s done?

You CAN absolutely get clients before the program is done, but that really all depends on you! If you’re willing to be present and engaged with the training, follow through and do the work, and take imperfect action, there is no reason you can’t get your very first clients OR first clients at your new rates/in your new program. Many Clarity to Clients members find that as soon as they invest and commit to what they want, they start to attract attention, interest, and money in a variety of forms.

Several previous participants have gone on to make an additional $1500++ a month beginning in their 3rd month of Clarity to Clients. That’s over an extra $18,000++ generated in a year as a result of this training. Clarity to Clients has the potential to really change how you experience your life, if you let it.


Q. I don’t have a business yet, will this help me figure out what my business is?

Absolutely! Clarity To Clients is a great way to get your business started the RIGHT way. If you want a business that’s an expression of you and your soul’s calling, then this program will guide you through exactly what you need to figure it out and start setting it up.


Q. What types of people usually take Clarity To Clients?

All kinds of healers and helpers! So far we’ve had coaches, nutritionists, designers, photographers, social media mavens, energy workers & healers, and people transitioning out of accounting, air traffic control, engineering, and all kinds of other jobs. This program works for anyone who is selling professional services on a one-on-one or group basis, or wants to start!


Q. What if I can’t make the classes live?

You’ve got immediate and unlimited access to all the training!  No need to worry about timezones or missed classes. All you have to do is create your personalized weekly schedule for when YOU want to listen to each training call and do the corresponding work in the playbooks. Convenient and simple.  Then just come on into the FB group and ask any questions that come up as you go through. 


Q. What if I’m really busy (I have a full time job/kids…)? How much time will I need to go through this program?

If you are more busy than you want to be, there is only one way to change that – by taking control of your own business and restructuring your life to your preferences. You have the power to make as much money as you need while working the hours you want. And you can make that happen by going through Clarity To Clients.

The time you’d want and need to dedicate to this program differs from person to person.

Here’s is a general breakdown of recommended weekly time to set aside:

  • 2ish hours/wk for training call or group coaching/bonus call.
  • 2-5 hours/wk for implementation
  • 30-60min to engage in private FB group

Total hours: Approx. 5-10 hours a week.


Q. Why are YOU the right business coach for me?

Good question. Simply put, because I’ve been where you are. I struggled for a long time trying to figure out what my unique gifts were, and then getting clear (and confident) on who I helped and how. As a deeply intuitive, yet strategy-minded lady, I’m able to see exactly where you’re stuck and help you move through that stuff with ease and speed. Once I got clear on who my clients were and how to attract them, everything felt so much easier. I was able to build a successful, sustainable business (and not just as a business coach, so I get what it’s like in a non business to business niche) that supports the life of my dreams. That’s exactly why I created Clarity to Clients – it’s the program that I wish existed when I first started.

Plus, I’ve generated well over a million dollars and supported countless clients in going through this process and onto making $100,000+ a year with pleasure and alignment.


To Your Success,


P.S. All it takes is ONE new client to pay for this program and you’ll be set for the return on investment for years to come. One big idea, one raise, one connection, one shift in perspective, one new piece of training is worth way more than the program itself. It’s time to join the community of women who are making their dreams come true, by stepping into their ideal lifestyle and making a difference in the world.