Simple, soulful business training for coaches, healers & practitioners who want to be successful while serving.

More raving reviews about Clarity to Clients…

nadiaBefore working with Allison, I had no strategy. I knew there were things I was supposed to do but it all felt like a looming grey cloud of to-dos. I didn’t know what items on the list were actually right for my business and I wasn’t quite sure what came before what.

Working with Allison gave me clarity, ease of mind and a feel-good game plan. She has this AMAZING way of weaving in your needs & passions into a strategy business plan that is filled with development & marketing gems.

I felt like I was drowning in shoulds and musts and now I’m back on a life raft with a clear GPS.


natalieBefore Clarity To Clients I was feeling scattered and tired, teaching tons of local classes but not making enough money to support myself. I knew I had lots of interesting and useful skills to offer but I wasn’t sure how to package them in a way that attracted clients and supported my lifestyle.

After Clarity To Clients I realized that I have everything I need to be successful NOW.I re-worked my personal relationship to time and money, narrowed my focus to the parts of my business that really excite me, and now I am earning more money while working fewer hours by offering fewer yet higher-quality and higher-impact courses for my clients. My time in Clarity To Clients helped me become more efficient in prioritizing and more confident in sharing what I do with the world. For the first time in my life, I see myself as a powerful and savvy entrepreneur with the ability to help my clients while supporting myself.

I’d recommend Clarity To Clients to women who KNOW they have tons to offer the world but just don’t know where to start NOW. The business world is big and overwhelming but Allison has a wonderful ability to point you toward your next step while reminding you that the entire process can be fun and rewarding. Her intuition and practical advice were essential in taking my business to the next level!

P.S. It’s rad because after just 2 new clients in my new program, I’d already paid off the tuition to Clarity to Clients.


Before I joined Clarity To Clients I was stuck on how to structure my dreams & vision into a tangible offering.  After going through this process I got crystal clear on what I needed to share with my soul mate clients and gained the confidence being visible to do so.  I did this and had my first workshop sell out in just over 24 hours.  I’d recommend Clarity To Clients to new soulpreneurs who are seeking mentorship, business coaching, and tools to manifest their dreams into reality.