Simple, soulful business training for coaches, healers & practitioners who want to be successful while serving.

what previous participants & clients have said…

kimberlyBefore Clarity To Clients, I knew where my expertise lay, and I knew I wanted to start a business, but I didn’t know how to turn that into work that would support and fulfill me. Previous coaching experiences had filled my head with confusing (and often conflicting) rules that I “had” to follow if I wanted to be successful. Ick.

Allison showed me how to start from where I was instead of waiting to find myself in the right place to begin.

Now I have a business doing what I love, what I do best, that meets my needs perfectly and doesn’t demand more of me than I’m willing to give it. I couldn’t be happier! She really is the Business Joyologist.

In addition to Allison’s coaching, the ladies in Clarity To Clients with me were an amazing source of support and inspiration. It was the perfect container to stretch and grow in. I have made life-long friends. Of all the ways I could have received knowledge and support as I launched my business, I think this was the best one.


britzBefore I found C2C, I was lost. Due to a recent shakeup at my previously uber-stable job, I had just decided to start my own business, and I’d never felt more alone in my life. I knew there were a million things I had to do, and I had no idea where to start.

I was stuck squarely in “overwhelm” mode, and always felt like I had so much to do, that I mostly ended up not doing any of it. I also had no idea what my knowledge + skills were worth, and chronically undercharged for my services.

Within two months of C2C, I was making about $1500+ per month more than I had been working full-time the previous year – and that was working about 22 hours per week. I realized my true potential as a group coach instead of just doing social media for other people and am launching 2 courses this fall to help solopreneurs rock their social media. There is absolutely NO WAY I would be where I am today without Allison’s help. And the best thing?

For the first time in my life, I’m confident that I can run a successful business, and help a whole bunch of people. It feels awesome! If you’re thinking of working with Allison – jump in!


At the beginning of the course I was a little concerned because this program is not a one on one coaching program which is what I was used to. However, Allison has designed the course so clear with step-by-step actions to follow so it made the course really easy to follow through. I really felt like she was holding my hand along the way and the Facebook group is amazing support.

Before Clarity To Clients I did not realize how disconnected I was to my soulmate clients. After going through Clarity To Clients I felt so at peace knowing who my soulmate client is and how to speak to her. I feel so confident now with my offering and my programs because I know what she is searching for and I know what she is willing to invest in. Its like we are both speaking the same language now. Because of Allison I have been able to design a business and life that truly support me and my clients in the most beautiful way possible.



Since signing up for this program I have become a different person and the value of this program can not be measured in $$!