Simple, soulful business training for coaches, healers & practitioners who want to be successful while serving.

What happens when you click that button? Courtship, I tell you.

Allison-Braun-bullet-point You’ll be taken to a protected invoice page to make your payment (in full or the first of your 3 payments).
Allison-Braun-bullet-point After submitting payment, you’ll receive a receipt, Welcome Email to help you get started, and access to the Membership Site to the email you provided.
Allison-Braun-bullet-point You’ll start feeling better (instant energetic benefits, anyone?) and attracting those soul mate clients instantly, since you’ll be shifting towards not just what you want to have, but who you want to be.

I can’t wait to help you book out with clients you utterly adore!

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Or you can keep doing what you’re doing, and getting the same (unsatisfying) results (although I doubt that’s what you’re here for).


and who am i, you might ask? good question, gorgeous.

I’m Allison Braun, business coach and sexual energy aficionado, and it’s my personal mission to help the healers and creatives of the world finally make a sustainable living from their passion and enjoy their life. I believe that you deserve to live a life of pleasure. One where you get to travel, pursue your passions, and be fully present for those you love.

I’ve built my own business around those beliefs and I’ve helped 100s of other exceptional women do the same. Now, I’m so thrilled to bring my experience, expertise, and laser sharp intuition to YOU.

When you work with me, we won’t just strategize your business, we’ll examine how you truly want to LIVE and get you closer to who you’re meant to be with ease. Because work is not about the hours you clock or the money you make – it’s about how you feel while you’re doing it.



Are you ready to feel lighter, freer, and a whole lot happier with your business? The decision is yours.

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I believe in this program so much that I’ll take all the risk. You have 30 days try Clarity To Clients. If you decide this isn’t working for you, just contact Emily in support and show us you actually did the work and I’ll issue you a full refund AND you’ll get to keep the bonuses

Clarity to Clients is NOT for you if you:
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Don’t actually want a business of your own.
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Are not sure yet what you want to do with your life.
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Only want a brick and mortar or product-based business.
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Are better at whining and complaining then you are at taking action.
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Have a whole list of excuses about WHY you shouldn’t do things, and you’re not willing to try anything new, even if it has worked for others.
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Are very attached to having a multi-passionate business, instead of just being a multi-passionate person. (Trust me, not ALL of your passions are meant to be businesses.)
Allison-Braun-bullet-point Have a retail business and aren’t interested in offering services.

Clarity to Clients IS for you if you’re hungry to take action and won’t let anything stop you – and you just need the proper guidance, feedback and support to make your magical business dreams happen. If this sounds like you, you are bound to have a thrilling level of success from joining!